Packers Movers Insurance Services

The Packers Movers Relocation Company is one of the very few companies in India that provide Insurance on the relocation of goods. We know that in spite of all the precautions and safety features that we take there are bound to be certain mishaps at the time of relocation. However these should not you at all from hiring a professional company like us for relocation. We therefore try to give you the best of services and also all the time ensuring that you get the best services even at the time of any untoward incidents that might happen in the transit. We are all the time prepared for the calamities and also ensure that these so called untoward and unforeseen happenings should not stop you from relocation. That is the reason we provide for insurance claims and that is one attribute that place our company in such good light as in comparison to other companies as such. This takes away the stress related to the moving and also helps you to pay attention to other important details in regards to moving. In order to accommodate your packing requirements we provide with two kinds of insurance services:

Transit Moving Policy: This takes care of the mishaps that occur due to any accidents that might happen on the road. A premium of 1.5% is paid t0 take care of this thing.

Comprehensive packing moving policy: This covers the damages resulting from accidents at a premium service of 3%